Conference Venue

The venue for The Third Conference for Engineering Sciences and Technology ( CEST2020) is Faculty of Engineering in Alkhums city. Alkhums city is located 120 Km at the east of the Capital; Tripoli, It has a wonderful beach and amazing tourist resorts. The city is surrounded by productive farms and green fields. You will enjoy during the conference events by very mild weather.
The open Cermony of the confernece will be in the Faculty of Economics and Commerce - Elmergib University at the south east of the city, about two kilometers from the east enterence of the city in the front of the gas station. You may follow the google map. Faculty of Economics and Commerce

While the sessions will be in the faculty of Enginnering which located few tens of meters before the east city enterance. Find the Faculty map from here Faculty of Engineering

Photos from the Cermony hall

Photos from Faculty of Engineering

Photos from Alkhums City